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Double Diamonds Slots Games

Double Diamond Slot MachinesDouble Diamond slot machines have been driving players wild ever since designer IGT began marketing them in the 1980s. A popular casino fixture in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, and everywhere else, Double Diamond slot machines have to rank among the most popular slot machine games on the planet. That’s especially impressive considering how long they’ve been around, but sometimes simple really is better.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at various elements of the Double Diamond slot machines, from the payouts to bonus games and progressive jackpots. Longtime fans should already know much of this information, but those new to the slot machine craze may find their eyes opened to a wonderful new gaming opportunity.

The Double Diamond Symbol

This symbol gives the game its name, plus it doubles the value of any payoff it’s part of. Get two Double Diamond symbols on the same spin and you’ll find your winnings quadrupled. While far from unique, this symbol is a large reason for the success of the game and its enduring popularity.

Double Diamond Slot Machines - A Closer Look

The Double Diamond slot is a 25-line, 5-reel slot that accepts a wide range of denominations. In some cases, you can play for as much as $100 per spin. Some manner of payoff can be expected every few spins, and this constant stream of winnings is one of the main reasons why players have embraced it for so long.

Double Diamond Slot Machines Payout

The following are the payouts for the traditional Double Diamond slot machines:

Three Double Diamond Symbols = 800 on the first credit, 1600 on the second credit, and 2500 on the third credit

Three Seven Symbols = 80 on the first credit, 160 on the second credit, and 240 on the third credit

Three Triple Bar Symbols = 40 on the first credit, 80 on the second credit, and 120 on the third credit

Three Double Bar Symbols = 25 on the first credit, 50 on the second credit, and 75 on the third credit

Three Single Bar Symbols = 10 on the first credit, 20 on the second credit, and 30 on the third credit

Three Cherry Symbols = 10 on the first credit, 20 on the second credit, and 30 on the third credit

Three Any Bar Symbols = 5 on the first credit, 10 on the second credit, and 15 on the third credit

Any Two Cherry Symbols = 5 on the first credit, 10 on the second credit, and 15 on the third credit

Any One Cherry Symbol = 2 on the first credit, 4 on the second credit, and 6 on the third credit

Double Diamond Bonus Slots Game

The average Double Diamond slot machine contains a number of bonus games, but one of the most popular is the option to pay or play. Winning a play bonus or special pay gives you the option to either stop playing and keep the money you’ve won, or risk it all and go for more. While many of the Double Diamond features are commonplace in the modern gambling industry, they were quite groundbreaking over 20 years ago when the game debuted.

Double Diamond Progressive Slot Machine

Another reason for its popularity in casinos--both real and online--is the fact that Double Diamond slot machines are part of a progressive network. This is a common feature with many IGT games, but Double Diamond was one of the first. Each time someone spins a machine in the Double Diamond network, a percentage of the money goes towards raising the overall jackpot. On average, this will result in a payout of around $500,000, but wins in the million dollar range aren’t unheard of.

Double Diamond Online Slot Machines

The success of Double Diamond slot machines led to the game becoming one of the first casino slots adapted to online play. There are also a number of slots with many similarities to the game, such as Diamond Dozen, Diamond Mine, and Diamond Mine Deluxe.

Double Diamond Slot Variations

IGT knows a good thing when they see it, so they’ve continued to develop games in the mold of Double Diamond for years. In many casinos, you can find these right beside the original game. Some of the more popular Double Diamond slot variations include Triple Diamond, Double Diamond Deluxe, Five Times Pay, and Ten Times Pay. And just like the original, these sequels and imitations are all linked to a progressive network.

That concludes our look at Double Diamond slot machines. The next time you’re in Las Vegas or any other city where slot machines are offered, take a few coins and give this classic slot a try. It won’t knock you over with spectacular graphics or sound effects, but you will be impressed with the generous payouts and timeless design.