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Hee Haw Slot Machine Games

HeeHaw Slots

Hee Haw Slot MachinesI grew up on Hee Haw, so it should surprise no one that I’m interested in a game called Hee Haw slot machines. For those of you who aren’t as cultured as I am, Hee Haw was a country western themed variety show that aired from 1969 to 1992. For most of that run, Hee Haw was a syndicated program, but for the first three years of its run, it aired on CBS.

Hee Haw took place in a fictional setting called “Kornfield Kounty,” and its elimination from the television schedule by CBS was part of the “rural purge” of 1971. Several other rural-themed television shows were dropped by CBS in favor of more urban themed television shows. Naturally, many of the other rural shows like The Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres have gone on to become slot machine games in their own right.

Roy Clark and Buck Owens

Roy Clark, One of the Reel Symbols on a Hee Haw Slot MachineThe two hosts of Hee Haw were Roy Clark and Buck Owens.

Roy Clark is a famous country western musician, and he’s well-respected as both a guitar player and a banjo player. He’s most famous for hosting Hee Haw, and it led to other gigs—Roy Clark even guest hosted for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show.

Buck Owens was a legendary country western megastar before getting the gig on Hee Haw, so the television show just made him more famous. Modern country fans don’t give Buck Owens much thought, but in he 1960s, he was as big a country western star as George Strait or Garth Brooks.

Other cast members on Hee Haw included country western themed comedians like Archie Campbell, Stringbean, and Grandpa Jones. Another aspect of the show that was popular with rural and urban viewers alike was the inclusion of the Hee Haw “Honies,” who were especially attractive and scantily clad young women.

The show featured guest stars in every episode, usually a country western musician of some sort, and the skits included these stars. Imagine Saturday Night Live, only with a heavy country/rural feel, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Hee Haw was like.

The Hee Haw Slots Games

Bally Gaming is the slot machine manufacturer of the Hee Haw slot machine game, and the launch of the game was an obvious attempt by them to cash in on a pop culture phenomenon. This isn’t a new approach to branding and marketing slot machine games; IGT has been doing it for years with branded slot machines. Recent examples include games like Star Trek slot machines and Ghostbusters slot machines.

The original version of the Hee Haw slot machine game has five reels and twenty paylines. It’s a penny slot, but it would be an unusual gambler who only spends a penny per spin on this game. The maximum bet on Hee Haw slot machines is 200 credits, and you can bet up to ten cents per credit, making the maximum bet per spin $20. The game offers an equally impressive jackpot opportunity, though—the maximum jackpot is 500,000 credits, so if you’re playing for $20 a spin, you’re hoping for a $50,000 win.

A newer version of the Hee Haw slot machine game has five reels and thirty paylines. You can bet up to $30 on this one, as it has a maximum bet of 300 credits.

Reel Symbols, Bonus Games, and Progressive Jackpots: How to Play Hee Haw Slot Machines

The reel symbols for the Hee Haw slot machine game are what you’d expect from a game based on a television show—some of them feature characters/actors from the show, while others represent recurring sets and set pieces from the show. Roy Clark and Buck Owens are both symbols on the game, as are barns and ears of corn.

The game also features a bonus game trigger, the symbol of a chicken. When the chicken shows up, you get to play a bonus game where you choose one of five different eggs on the screen. Depending on which egg you choose, you get a certain number of free spins on the main game, anywhere from three free spins all the way up to thirty free spins.

You’ll only find Hee Haw slot machines with progressive jackpots in jurisdictions that allow progressive jackpot gaming. Not all locations do. The $50,000 jackpot I mentioned earlier in the article was for the flat top version of the game; the jackpot for the progressive Hee Haw slot machine jackpot is of course variable and rises until someone wins the jackpot.