Loose Slot Machines

The Loosest Slots - Where to Find Easy Slot Games

Loose Slot MachinesLoose slot machines are the ultimate prize for slots players. These slot machine games offer more frequent payouts, and numerous systems and books have been dedicated to helping casino patrons find them. But do loose slot machines really exist? The answer is a topic of frequent debate.

It’s a fact that different slot machines offer varying rates of payback. One machine might pay back at 80%, while another might be set for 98%. Of course, keep in mind that a slot with a 98% payback isn’t going to give you 98 cents for every dollar you put in. This percentage refers to long term payback, so it might take millions of spins before these numbers come into play. But this doesn’t stop casinos from advertising slots with a high payback percentage in the hopes of attracting customers.

You can also do some basic math to figure out your chances of hitting on a slot machine. Let’s say we’re dealing with a slot that has 5 reels and 20 stops per reel. Our jackpot symbol in this example is a lemon, so you can assume that it will only appear once on each reel. Multiply the number of stops on each reel, and in this case you get 8,000. Since three lemons would only occur once on the reels, the odds of hitting the jackpot are 1 in 8,000. This doesn’t determine whether a machine is loose or tight, but it does provide an idea of your overall chances of winning the big prize.

And while some machines are programmed to pay out more in the long haul, that doesn’t mean they’ll be coughing up progressive jackpots like crazy. A payout could be anything from the top prize to just a few coins.

The Zig Zag System

Players are so dedicated to finding loose slots that they’ve come up with systems for doing so. The most well-known of these is the Zig Zag System. To execute this theory, the player walks through the aisles of slots looking for certain patterns on the reels. If he finds a machine with two jackpot symbols on the payline and another just off the payline, then it means that the machine is close to lining up and paying out a jackpot.

This system will get you nowhere, as modern slots include a random number generator that makes each spin independent of the last. The Zig Zag System sounds like a neat idea at first, but all it will do is make you look like a fool wandering aimlessly around the casino floor.

Where to Find Loose Slots

I’m not saying that loose slot machines can be located by players, but the following are the most popular theories on where to find them. I suggest you save yourself some time and forget about finding loose slots, but persistent players are advised to start in the following locations.

Near the Casino Door - Many players assume that loose slot machines are placed neat the door of the casino in an effort to lure customers inside.

Near the Snack Area - The casino makes more money if you’re putting money into the slots instead of stuffing your face. For this reason, loose slots may be placed near snack and coffee areas to entice players to put down their food and get back to gambling.

Surrounded by Tight Machines - Many slot players will put money into two machines at a time. The theory here is that a loose slot will be surrounded by tight slots in an effort to force the player to give any money he’s won right back to the casino.

Crosswalks - This word indicates an area on the casino floor which players must walk through to get to another aisle of slots. The theory is that loose machines are strategically placed in these areas and then surrounded by tight machines to take your money.

End of a Row - If players see another customer winning at the end of the row, they’re likely to move nearby. According to this theory, there will be a number of tight slots waiting for them.

Change Booths - Nobody likes to wait in line for change, but you’re more likely to do so if you see people nearby winning money.

Elevated Areas - Also known as carousels, these elevated areas can be observed from a number of directions in the casino. By placing loose slots there, plenty of customers will see others winning and become determined to gamble more.

Tight Slots

Just in case you’re wondering, there are also a number of theories regarding where casinos place the tight slot machines. I’m not saying this information is true, but I wanted to present it anyway.

Near the Table Games - Noise from winning slots distracts and/or annoys the table players.

Near the Buffet or Showroom - Players waiting in line won’t be there for long, so why bother placing loose slots in these areas?

Near the Entrance - Some think this is where loose machine are placed, but others will disagree. According to them, players who linger around the entrance will never venture deeper into the casino.

Sportsbook Area - People betting on sports might be tempted to leave the area if they hear winning slot machines nearby.

A Final Word

While the search for loose slot machines might occasionally yield a game with a higher payback percentage, keep in mind that casino executives have access to books and the Internet just like you. They’ve heard all these theories and many more, so it’s likely that they would act contrary to popular belief. In other words, finding loose slot machines is an even bigger gamble than the games on the casino floor.