Penny Slot Machines

Best Penny Slots Games

Penny SlotsPenny slot machines are popular with casino patrons, largely because they allow an individual to play for long stretches of time without depleting their funds. Of course, modern slots often have a large number of paylines (20 or more), so playing every line on a penny game can still add up. And if you want to have a shot at the jackpot on penny slot machines, itís almost a given that youíll have to play maximum coins. Iíve even seen penny slots where players could wager as many as 1,500 coins per spin.

But despite the fact that penny slot machines may not save you as much money as you first hoped, they remain a great way to pass the time in a casino. Many online penny slots and their land-based counterparts also offer sizable progressive jackpots, making them a worthwhile investment for any player looking to strike it rich.

The next time youíre searching for online penny slots, give the following games a try:

Big Cash Win Penny Slots - This penny slot machine is perfect for those looking to play without breaking their bank account. Thatís because Big Cash Win only has one payline. And with its classic 3-reel design and lack of wild symbols, it provides a decidedly old school gaming experience. It has a 2 coin max bet, but more ambitious players will be delighted to know that it accepts denominations ranging up to $5. Designed by Rival, Big Cash Win offers a 2,000 coin jackpot, which equals anywhere from $20 to $10,000 depending on the size of your wager. If youíre looking for a simple penny slot machine that still provides a decent payout, then youíll be hard-pressed to find something better.

Surf Paradise - This penny slot is a solid option for those who enjoy surfing and the feel of sand between their toes. The symbols support the theme (waves, palm trees, surfboards), and itís another classic option that features 3 reels and 1 payline. Thereís a maximum bet of 2 coins, but denominations range from a penny to $5. That means you can be playing the maximum bet for as little as two cents per spin. The jackpot pays out 2,500 coins, which ranges from $25 to $12,500 depending on the size of your wager. There are no wild symbols on the game, and it has a total of 10 winning combinations. For those looking for cheap casino fun, Surf Paradise is a gnarly game.

Sevens & Bars Penny Slot Machine Game - Another 3-reel, 1-payline penny slot, Sevens & Bars offers a top jackpot of 2,500 coins and 12 winning combinations. The maximum bet is 3 coins, and denominations range from a penny to $5. That means you can be playing max bet for as little as three cents, although your winnings will be much larger if you wager $15 per spin. Designed by Rival, this penny slot is similar in look and feel to IGTís Red White and Blue Sevens machine found in numerous land-based casinos. To win the jackpot, youíll need to hit three Seven and Bars logos, although playing a single coin will only win 750 coins instead of the maximum 2,500. Other payouts include 600 coins for hitting three diamond symbols and 300 coins for landing on three red sevens. A nice bonus pay option comes in the form of the mixed seven symbols, as getting one of each color will increase your winnings from 30 coins to 90. And if theyíre lined up in a red, white, and blue order, the win will be increased to 150 coins. Another excellent choice for players on a budget who still want a shot at a respectable payout.

Lotto Madness Penny Slots - More ambitious than the previous penny slot machines on this list, Lotto Madness features 5 reels, 20 paylines, and a 20-coin maximum bet. Denominations range from a penny to a dollar, so playing maximum coins means you could spend anywhere from 20 cents to $20 per spin. It should be noted, however, that youíll need to place a $1 side bet if you want a chance at the gameís progressive jackpot (which starts at $150,000). Lotto Madness has 36 winning combinations, and payouts range from 5 coins to 10,000. If the bonus symbol comes up on reels 1 and 5, youíll be taken to the Crazy Wheel bonus game, where youíll spin a wheel in order to win anywhere from 3 free games (wins are doubled) to 20 free games (wins are multiplied by 10). The progressive jackpot is set up differently than most slots, but itís in keeping with the gameís lotto theme. For an extra $1 bet, you can enable the Dollar Ball option, causing a grid of 49 numbers to appear on the screen. Youíll be asked to choose 5 numbers, or you can let the machine pick them for you. As each of the five reels stops spinning, a number will be drawn for the lotto. If all five of your numbers are drawn, you win the progressive jackpot. But even if you only get four matches, youíll still win a percentage of the current jackpot.

That concludes our look at some of the penny slot machines currently available. So whether youíre a blue-haired grandmother or bored executive, sign up with a reputable online casino and start building your retirement fund today.