How To Beat Slot Machines - Is There A Short Cut That Makes Sense?

If one is taking a trip on vacation to a casino resort or even Las Vegas no doubt the thought has crossed the mind as to how to beat slot machines. Do people really go expecting to win or is it all down to chance and perhaps having to strike it lucky, to get any kind of decent win at all?

If wondering how to beat slot machines, it's important to realize when a player gets a big win in the casino, invariably they didn't have a system. There are a few little pointers a player should be aware of in advance so they get the best value out of their gambling dollar, yes good old fashion common sense sometimes deserts the over emotional player, just when they need it the most!

Firstly the player needs to pre-determine how much money they can comfortably loose each evening and only take the amount that they have budgeted for, leaving all credit cards, safely locked up in the hotel safe. Now they can relax and this is important, after all they want the experience to be fun, not get blown away by one drink too many and blow their entire vacation wad on their very first night!

The next step is to sign up for a VIP card or one of the casinos slot club cards. By doing so the player is availing himself to any of the casino's freebies or specials to which they may be entitled to, based around their time and money spent. They're playing there anyway so why not take advantage?

Now, what are the best machines to play? That's a good question. Why not ask the floor attendant what are the machines most played by the casinos locals? Using this approach, will most likely be a valuable short cut in getting value for money for every evening played, as the locals are hardly going to go where the odds are stacked against them are they, think about it.

Once the budget is gone call it a night, there's always the next night. If a winner, quit whilst ahead, that's how to beat slot machines, but most players probably know that already, or do they?