Some Pointers To Consider When Looking Out For Loose Slots Online!

On the Canadian Grizzly Gambling website, you will notice there are many reviews on a multitude of different slots, so many that it can sometimes be difficult figuring out where's the best place to start. There's also the question of how to find 'Loose Slots'. These have long been considered to be the holy Grail for the Casino Player, but does such a thing exist in the world of online gaming?

With land-based casinos, players all have a different take on how to find loose slots. 'At the end of a line of machines', some players will claim, others will say all you have to do is plant yourself on a machine that's 'near the casino's entrance', and although there may be some merit in these conclusions, there are still a couple of other pointers to look towards in order to avoid those kind of machine every player has an aversion to. Namely, the 'Tight Ones'.

Are Online Casinos Slots All Tight Ones?

The simple answer to that is no they are not. The situation is made a little easier to identify as many of the games software developers will go to the trouble of publishing what the expected returns on their machines actually are. How about that for a bit of transparency. However not all providers do this, so there's a couple of other things to take into consideration as well.

Progressive Slots - Are They As Good As They're Cracked Up To Be?

Although you can't beat the thrills and spills of playing these exciting games, seriously who wouldn't like to walk away with a CAD $5k jackpot, one does still need to be realistic. The chances of actually winning are along the lines of winning the lottery.

The casinos will always heavily promote these games as they undoubtedly attract lots of players, but don't be one of those players who loses their bankroll chasing after this elusive jackpot. Sure you have to be in it to win it, but perhaps curb the enthusiasm to 10% of your bankroll and save the rest for the rest. Some other potentially more rewarding games perhaps?

The New Slot vs Old Slot Theory

On average the newer slots tend to be tighter than the older ones. The reason for this is most players found playing these games are regular players, the casino's loyal customers, just there to check the new game out. The casino knows regular players won't walk away if they come up against a few bad sessions in return for high graphic quality, these establishments likewise have no problem in catering for their curiosity!

If one's after loose slots try looking out for the less glamorous more boring types of games. Some will have payouts listed usually from 96%-99%. Some are old and forgotten and you may just find a gem. Anything to give you an edge has got to be a good thing, just remember always have fun, that's the name of the game!