Master working that machine with these personalized slot machine strategy

Not all players need a slot machine strategy, but having one could come in handy. It is good to know at least one slot machine strategy so you can have a wider perspective about these machines and how they work.

Standard Deviation

This technique makes use of a complicated mathematical computation in order to determine the highest probability of making winning spins. Even though most players prefer to solve it through complicated equations, you can conveniently do it in your head. All you need is a little practice. The first step is to look for a machine that gives an "equal pay." This is the machine that gives you exactly how much you bet per line. For instance, when you paid 10 coins for a bet of 1 coin, you will receive 40 coins for a bet of 4 coins. The next step is to know the average spins between winning spins. This could take time and it is advisable to play only a small amount when observing so you can minimize losses. After determining how many spins are there in between winning ones, you can now compute for the average. If you noticed that a winning spin takes place from 8 to 14 spins, the standard deviation is 11. If you apply this slot machine strategy to machines that have great payout percentage and increase the amount of your bet in accordance to the standard deviation, you will realize that it is very likely that you will win more often.


The one-play tactic could be effective too, and compared to the standard deviation technique, this one is easier. Basically, the gist of this trick is that a player bets the highest amount allowed and if he wins, he'll play again. If he doesn't win, however, he moves on to another machine. Like the case of the standard deviation technique, you also need to select an equal pay machine so everything you win is only equal to how much you put in. When you placed a maximum amount on a machine and it multiplies it by 1 to 3 times, you must spin for one more round only. When your wagered money has been multiplied at least 4 times, you can spin again for just three times. Most people do not like this trick and prefer to stick to one machine for long hours. Although it could be an entertaining way to while away time, it won't help in making them win.

The best thing to do is to try both strategies and see which one suit you best.